Do I have to fight?
No. Many of our students train for fun, fitness, self defense, and or for a leisure and social activity. Tournaments and competitions of any sort are not mandatory.

Will I get hurt?
Our instructors all understand that all people have the desire to be in great shape, learn how to defend themselves, and at the same time avoid injury. Our workouts include warm-ups and warm-downs to avoid that will enable you to train in a safe, fun and controlled class setting.

Do I need to get in shape first?
No. One of the main goals for our classes is to get you into shape. It doesn’t matter what level you are starting from, it matters where you are going.

Do Martial Arts teach kids to fight?
At first it may seem true. In actuality Martial Arts teaches kids how not to fight. Once children are armed with self confidence, they don’t feel the need to bully or respond to bullies. We teach non-violence conflict resolution first, physical self defense second.

The difference are small and great at the same time. The main thing to look for, especially for children, is how the instructor’s teach and how they relate to the students. Our advice is wherever you go take a trial class and talk to the instructor. Look around and trust you gut.